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UNBELIEVABLE!!! What Church Members In Congo Were Caught Doing To Cast Out Demons Will Shock You.

The photos of a church in Congo feeding its members with Beer as a means of casting out demons and other unclean spirits in them, has gone viralThe church, Louzolo Amour church, was reported to have named the beer drinking session, “biéramicine”, translating to ‘a mixture of beer and faith’.The founder of the chuirch where the beer drinking session holds, Guy Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo, a self-proclaimed God is claimed to be invisible by his followers. The church founder is however represented on earth according to his followers by the current leader of the church, Charles Mikoungui Loundou.Speaking on the practice in the church, the spiritual leader of the congregation, Charles Mikoungui Loundou said:“What we want to share with the world, is that we found a person who has the three characteristics of God, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

That man is Guy Emile loufoua Cetikouabo. He was born without a navel, and that defies science.”The church according to the leader is based on the premise and doctrine that beer consumption could be used to cleanse evil spirits. The “biéramicine”, a mixture of Beer and Faith service lasts an approximate of 9 hours with healing and deliverance session embeddedA believer and member of the church, Kondi Jean- Jacques said: “I arrived here sick, brother Mikoungui gave me a bottle of beer, I drank a first sip, and a second, at the third one, I went into a trance, I then felt better.”“I believe beer can heal, if you drink it with faith.” The beer drinking church is however growing fast as it boasts of an impressive membership of 5,000 persons.see photo here>>>

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