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REALLY!!!Reasons Why Guys Are Afraid Of Cherubim Girls Will Burst Your Brain.

This question has been troubling my mind for so long. Today, I decided to throw this question at you all so we can talk about it and also know the reason behind it.I have always noticed that as soon as a guy knows that the girl he’s chasing or dating is a Celestial girl (Cele Girl), the guy will just abandon her. Why?I know of many friends who have stopped chasing beautiful girls when they eventually finds out she attends Celestial church.. I have witnessed a lot of this act.One of my Friend named “John” who managed to even stay in a relationship with a celestial girl for about 1 year eventually ran away when the lady offered her the chance to have s3e-x with her.

He hurriedly jumped away from the lady and got himself dressed up.When the Lady was asking what happened, he claimed nothing was wrong. That he was just trying to keep her for the Wedding night. Believe me, that day was the last day they had set eyes on each other.My friend claimed the lady will Kill her if he dis-virgin the lady without marrying her.. We all burst into laughter but he seems to know something we don’t know and he was just shaking his head while we are there laughing at him.The Question now is “Why Do Guys Run From Cele Girls?”We want to hear from you – Feel free to tell us what you think about them based on your Experience or what you’ve heard from someone.

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